Everspace mobile wallet received a grant from Everscale: Why it was chosen

Everspace mobile wallet received a grant from Everscale: Why it was chosen

The Everspace wallet is one of the main mobile wallets for Everscale. What’s more, it’s the only wallet that supports Android and iOS natively on Everscale. It’s fast and stable, it’s one of the first wallets in the ecosystem, and, more importantly, it’s free! That’s why it was chosen as one of the grants program recipients. Today, we’re going to tell you about it.

The Everspace wallet was created by Ruby and Swift developer from the community Oleh Hudeichuk. During the days of FreeTon, in 2020, Oleh started participating in the ecosystem by developing Ruby libraries for blockchain interaction in dev contests. The only wallet in the ecosystem at the time was TonSurf (now called EverSurf). He thus felt the need to create a native wallet for mobile platforms, as TonSurf was (and still is) a cross-platform application. Also, it was impossible to stake crypto in DePools using wallets, so at the beginning of 2021, he started building Everspace, aiming to fix all these problems.

Currently, the Everspace team has less than 10 people — an Android developer, a backend engineer, two Swift developers, and a designer. The goal was to create a stable wallet using native languages for each OS (Ever Wallet was built on Flutter, while Ever Surf uses the React framework). The backend for cashing DePool data and for push notifications was developed in Ruby and Swift, with microservice architecture. The team wants the best experience for its users, but at the same time it doesn’t feel the need to compete with other teams developing their own wallets for Everscale, regarding their efforts more as work toward common goals. All the teams are supporters of Everscale, and all of them have a big stake in EVER, so they are keen to see it prosper.

The first MVP version was pretty basic, but it already had support for multiple accounts, several testnets and the mainnet, and several popular contract types, as well as push notifications. In addition, it had staking in the wallet right from the launch.

Currently, the team has huge plans for the wallet’s future updates this year:

  1. To rebuild the wallet from scratch. As previous wallet updates were very frequent, including many small improvements and fixes, the general design and branding was inconsistent in the team’s opinion. The new version will thus include a new, updated design, as well as general improvements and new features.
  2. New backend code.
  3. Wallet usage statistics. Even though Everspace uses the Google tool Firebase for push notifications, it doesn’t want to use third-party code extensively. The team thus plans to collect statistics using its own code.
  4. Multi-language support.
  5. Multi-sig support.
  6. Smart staking — choosing the best staking pools at the push of a single button, based on validator score, fee, and available pool space.
  7. Token swaps and farming, bridges, and other DeFi tools, and integration with FlatQube.
  8. Multi-chain support (BTC, ETH, and other popular cryptocurrencies).
  9. DeDNS support.
  10. DeBot support.

Some of these features are more long-term plans, while others will be released soon after the major updates, but the majority of the features mentioned in the list are going to be added in 2022. One of the main problems that needs to be solved in order to update the wallet is the integrity of users’ data. Due to architecture changes, there’s a slight possibility that all the connected accounts will be disconnected, so it will be necessary to connect them again. We advise everyone to keep their seed phrases in a safe place, so that you’ll be able to restore access to your wallet anytime you need to.

The allocated grant will be spent on supporting the team, because all the previous work was carried out using the members’ personal savings in order to develop and promote the project. The wallet doesn’t have any monetization model included. The grant is therefore the least that the Everscale ecosystem can do to reward the team for its dedication and help it to improve its product. The 100,000-EVER grant will cover the costs of rewriting the server part, redesign, and maintaining the servers.

Overall, Everspace is a wallet made by the community for the community, by a very enthusiastic team, so we wish all its members luck and growth!

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