Everscale Node May 2024 Updates

Everscale Node May 2024 Updates

Changes in Due Payment Logic

Due payments were disabled during the credit phase to avoid issues with bounceable messages. Information about paid dues was accumulated into the storage fee value passed to TVM. These changes in due payment logic have been implemented in the node, managed by the capability CapDuePaymentFix. Details are available here.


A stability patch for SMFT was released and deployed on the mainnet. While it reduced the load, it did not fully resolve the issues. After gathering statistical and debug data, SMFT was turned off again, awaiting the next stability patch.


In May, significant efforts were made to prepare for an incoming stability and performance update for REMP. Extensive testing was conducted on Everscale devnet, leading to the discovery and resolution of several serious issues.

Support of Mesh Networks

Support for blockchain data structures (new message formats, new serialization options, etc.) related to Mesh have been added to the node and libraries. See details here.

Node Refactoring

Additional changes related to renaming ton to ever and merging have been deployed. The latest changes can be found here.

Everpoint Event

The dev team also took part in the panel discussion at the Everpoint event. For a recap, visit our blog.

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