Everscale at the GBA Blockchain & Infrastructure event, Washington, D.C.
Oct 25, 2022 3 min read

Last month, Everscale reinforced its reputation as a blockchain authority by participating in four panel discussions at the Government Blockchain Association’s Blockchain & Infrastructure event in Washington, D.C.

Eugene Morozov, founder of the Everscale Academy and an Everscale ambassador, was invited to speak at panel discussions on the following topics:

  • Resilient Election Systems
  • Document & Data Integrity
  • Funding Blockchain Projects
  • Securing IT Supply Chains (with Mitja Goroshevsky)

In addition, Eugene received confirmation that the GBA will be running its own member advancement elections using DeVote.

Two more U.S. jurisdictions in addition to Utah County, Massachusetts, and Oregon, as well as the U.S. Veterans Administration, have requested details on E2ED Groth16 voting solutions to review for possible use by states and agencies.

Participation in the blockchain startup funding panel was fruitful, too. As a result of the discussion, the National Institute of Science invited DeVote to apply to seedfund.nis.gov, a program that supports advanced blockchain technology.

Funding Blockchain Projects panel

Last but not least, Evgeny Morozov and Mitja Goroshevsky, CEO and founder of GOSH, CTO and founder of EverX, and chief architect of the Everscale network, participated in an entire panel discussion dedicated to Securing IT Supply Chains. GOSH, which was presented, would appear to be a great solution to improve the supply chain process and improve its security, and therefore help government agencies and private companies comply with the president’s executive order that was issued last year, which essentially called for increased security.

Everscale technology has established itself as fast, scalable, and secure thanks to U.S. government partnerships. Its true potential will soon be revealed.

Overall, Everscale’s presence at the conference was very successful. Authorized officials showed great interest in Everscale-based technologies for further implementation at government level. A kind of GBA record was set, as four panels is the maximum that one team has participated in over two days.

In addition to this, Everscale’s initial members and ambassadors participated in the Token2049 Conference in Singapore recently. We’re going to be visiting even more events in the coming days. Stay tuned and follow our updates!

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