Everscale won the AIBC Europe 2022 Blockchain of the Year Award

Everscale won the AIBC Europe 2022 Blockchain of the Year Award

The AIBC Malta Summit is one of Europe’s most important events for emerging tech companies and has become a global hub for sharing ideas in business development, blockchain, crypto, deep tech, and AI!

It was a massive three-day summit held from November 15 to 18, which is part of a series of global events. It was very symbolic that Alexander Filatov, an initial member of Everscale and CEO of EverX, made the opening speech. Alexander also delivered a presentation entitled “Insights: five trends for 2022 and beyond.”

We were incredibly fortunate to have Everscale on Malta, where the event managed to attract over 25,000 delegates, representatives of 400 startups, 400 speakers, and 100 influencers, including technology leaders, experts, investors, regulators, and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The Everscale blockchain was also represented by Vladimir Maslyakov, head of the Everscale Architectural Committee and CTO of HyperFlex Studio, who participated in the panel discussion “Why are social media companies nuts for NFTs,” as well as in the discussion dedicated to gaming in the future.

The event was full of panel discussions, and the next speaker from Everscale was Michael Gord, CEO of GDA Capital and an Everscale Foundation member. Speakers shared solutions and ideas about the economy of the future, advanced technologies, and developments.

In addition to presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, of course, there was networking, where Dave Pulis, foundation member of the Everscale network and CEO & co-founder of the ZBX exchange, and other Everscale representatives actively participated, creating a promising framework for future collaborations.

The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony, in which Everscale deservedly won the Blockchain of the Year award!

We were delighted to attend such a high-profile event with terrific speakers and panelists. Everscale had the widest participation and coverage at this event, which allowed us to strengthen our position in Europe and set the stage for new future collaborations

said Alexander Filatov after the speech.

Commenting on the award, Vladimir Maslyakov noted:

We are incredibly pleased that the Everscale blockchain was recognized as Blockchain of the Year at one of the grandest blockchain, crypto, and advanced technology events not only in Europe, but in the entire world — a truly great honor and joy for us. At Everscale, we always strive to do our best, and this award is proof of that. We are looking in 2023 to bring even more scalability and mass adoption to the blockchain space with new awesome products that the community and businesses are building right now on our blockchain.

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