How to deposit and buy EVER on the KuCoin crypto exchange

How to deposit and buy EVER on the KuCoin crypto exchange

How to deposit funds to a KuCoin account

In order to start trading and participate in the EVER giveaway campaign, you need to have some funds on your KuCoin account. The trading pair on KuCoin will be EVER/USDT, so it’s best to deposit USDT directly, but you can choose any available asset to deposit to KuCoin and swap it for USDT, and then buy EVER.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the KuCoin exchange website and click on “Main Account.”

2. Click on “Deposit” to proceed.

3. You can choose the payment method using crypto currency or deposit using fiat currency.

4. In our case, we choose to deposit crypto. As EVER will be trading in a pair with USDT, let’s deposit some USDT. Search for it in the menu and choose the network for the deposit.

5. Choose the proper network to deposit your tokens. You need to verify that the account that you’re depositing to matches the network that you are sending the tokens from.

6. Copy the address and send some USDT tokens to it.

That’s it! After some network confirmations, your tokens will be available in your wallet balance!

EVER pair has already started! You can join the Trading Competition and win a share of 135,000 EVER! (more details about the Trading Competition and EVER giveaway)

How to buy EVER tokens on KuCoin exchange

  1. Go to the KuCoin exchange and click on “Spot Trading”.

2. Search for the EVER token in the following dropdown menu. Just simply type “EVER” to see all available trading pairs.

3. Click on the USDT/EVER trading pair

4. Enter the amount of EVER tokens you’d like to buy in exchange for your USDT tokens.

5. You can set the exact price of the trade using “Limit Orders,” or just buy EVER tokens for the market price.

All done! 

Please note that withdrawal of EVER tokens is only available on the Ethereum network. In order to send EVER tokens on the Everscale network, please withdraw your EVER to your Metamask wallet first, and then bridge them via OctusBridge to the Everscale network.

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