Everstart overview: New cross-chain launchpad for DApps

Everstart overview: New cross-chain launchpad for DApps

A launchpad is a platform for getting cryptocurrency startups up and running. They are used for token sales of blockchain startups (initial DEX offerings or IDOs). With the help of token sales held on launchpads, new and promising blockchain startups attract investments for their further development and launch. As early investors, launchpad users get to buy tokens of promising cryptocurrency projects before they become available to the public. The price of the digital asset at a startup’s launch is low — much lower compared to the later listing of the token on an exchange. That’s why investor participation in IDOs, which launchpads hold regularly, is a profitable financial investment with a high potential for stable returns.

Everstart — Everscale’s Launchpad

The Everstart launchpad started its operation based on the Everscale blockchain. Everstart is a reliable and secure launchpad for blockchain projects in the Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Everscale ecosystems.

The platform is designed to organize simple and transparent token sales with guaranteed subsequent distribution of digital assets. It is fully detailed, and all project mechanics are managed using smart contracts, which reduces the risk of fraud and boosts investor confidence in the launchpad.

Launching a Project on Everstart

The Everstart launchpad analytics team is now looking for promising blockchain projects and plans to help them with marketing, tokenomics development, and their subsequent marketplace.

Any team of crypto enthusiasts can introduce their blockchain project to Everstart’s experts and get the opportunity to attract investments using the launchpad. Just click the APPLY TO LAUNCH button on the Everstart home page.

After that, fill out the application form that appears on the screen and wait for the verdict of the Everstart launchpad specialists.

Participation in Everstart Token Sales

To take part in Everstart startup token sales, users don’t need to buy a place on the white list or go through a KYC procedure (mandatory identity verification). They only need to connect an EVER Wallet with enough EVER tokens to the platform.

To access the projects that Everstart works with, a potential investor needs to click the BROWSE PROJECT button on the launchpad’s home page.

After that, the Everstart user needs to visit the Live section and click on the name of the project in which they plan to invest their digital assets.

The platform will automatically redirect the user to the IDO section of the selected project. This section contains detailed information about the blockchain project, the stages of token distribution, the lockup period, etc.

If after studying the data about the startup, the user decides to invest in a promising project and buy its tokens at the initial price, they need to click DEPOSIT.

With its user-friendly interface and detailed features, we hope that the Everstart launchpad will help to get many innovative blockchain projects off the ground soon, which, in turn, will bring real benefits to the crypto industry.

Not financial advice! Always do your own research!

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