Recap of the new AMA session with the heads of EverX

Recap of the new AMA session with the heads of EverX

An AMA session recently took place with EverX team representatives: CEO Alexander Filatov and CSO Pavel Prigolovko. What’s happening with the Reliable External Messaging Protocol (REMP), the consensus, and drivechains? Let’s recap all the main points.

Lately, work on the remaining core components has been under way at EverX.

In addition, the team has attended four conferences over the past two months. There is quite a big pipeline, and interesting specific integrations are expected soon.

The team is focusing on three key blocks at the moment. These are:

  • Finalizing key technologies
  • Incubating key applications (FLEX, Surf)
  • Participating in business development at the same level as other DeFi Alliance teams and outside of the DeFi Alliance

REMP has already gone through several test phases and is well on its way to the mainnet release, but it will happen a bit later than announced in the roadmap. The Broxus team will take part in the final testing, and, since testing is open source, anyone can take part and load it.

After REMP goes live on the mainnet, the team will focus more on the other two protocol updates (the SMFT consensus and communication between workchains and drivechains).

Implementing all the core architectural solutions and benefits described in the whitepaper will make it possible to achieve results and use cases that are impossible on any other blockchain in the world at the moment.

Let’s dive into the most interesting questions from the community.

Will Surf support GOSH tokens?

Surf already supports quite a few tokens now, and, of course, it will support GOSH tokens. Apart from that, Surf was the first to allow participation in GOSH quasi-staking.

When will FLEX be launched?

The network has already been launched on the mainnet, but there are two factors that are holding the team back from a commercial launch. The first is the integration of market makers, for whom some technical features of the exchange were a surprise, because it is a bit different from the networks they are used to working with. The second is finalization of the UI/UX and elimination of any awkward aspects. A commercial launch is expected in the very near future once these issues are resolved.

Are Ron Millow and Mitja Goroshevsky no longer working with EverX?

No, the guys are not involved in EverX operations right now and are working on their own projects within the Everscale ecosystem. But Mitja Goroshevsky continues to participate in Strategic Committee meetings.

Are there any plans to list FLEX on Everstart?

There are no specific plans yet. The team is currently focused on a round of investments from professional investors.

What will be the mechanism for dynamic gas pricing?

Dynamic gas pricing is the only way to protect against transactional DDoS attacks, and it’s a mechanism that makes it possible to trigger splitting of the Workchain. This is an important part of the architectural vision planned for the second wave of updates.

About the launch of FLEX Pay

Negotiations are now under way with one of the world’s top five fiat off-ramp/on-ramp providers, which offers cryptocurrency transfers to and from fiat. It’s not a priority right now, but when the time comes, this partnership will help make it happen.

About the new D’Elector contract

The move to the new contract replicates the existing logic, but it lays out the possibility of normal updates and compatibility with the SMFT protocol. Rounds will change to epochs, and they will be shorter. Validators who have not canceled their participation will continue to participate in the next set, as long as they are eligible. Participation in validation will still be only possible through EVER.

About fulfilling the conditions of the Rust Cup contest

There may be some suggested improvements due to new, better mechanics, but they will be no worse than the initial conditions. Additionally, this initiative will be proposed for a vote on EVER DAO, like all key initiatives on the network lately.

EverX’s 3 significant achievements in 2022

The move to more open development for technical members of the network, the creation of an Architectural Strategy Committee, and the successful incubation of FLEXGOSH, and spin-off teams.

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