EverPoint conference, launch of Gravix, and more: News digest (April 2023)

EverPoint conference, launch of Gravix, and more: News digest (April 2023)

Another month filled with more innovations, events, and developments has passed for the Everscale ecosystem.

The details were announced for the upcoming Everscale EVERPOINT anniversary celebration at Dubai's iconic Burj Al Arab and there was the launch of a groundbreaking new decentralized exchange – Gravix, plus much more.

In this article, we'll dive into the most noteworthy events within Everscale from over the past month, so buckle up and join us on a journey through April's highlights. 


First, we want to share the exciting news about the upcoming EVERPOINT event to celebrate Everscale's third anniversary. EVERPOINT will take place at the iconic Burj Al Arab, a symbol of Dubai's skyline. The organizing team has revealed that the event will consist of a warm-up party on May 6th featuring the Venom team, followed by the main conference on May 7th.

The conference will cover various discussion topics, and a fabulous gala dinner will conclude the event. Additionally, there will be surprise attractions throughout the venue to keep attendees engaged. On top of that, all Broxie NFTs can be used as event tickets, granting access to the pre-party, conference, and gala dinner.

We will summarize all the discussion topics and the highlights of the EVERPOINT main conference, so stay tuned! 

And now, let's dive into other news from this month!

A brand new Everscale DEX

The Everscale DeFi landscape is getting bigger and more advanced: a brand new product was launched in the ecosystem. The Broxus team has introduced Gravix, a derivative trading platform where users can trade a wide range of assets and open long and short positions with up to 200x leverage, all of which takes place directly from crypto wallets and is completely decentralized. Gravix allows you to stake USDT and earn fees on the platform, as well as trade a wide range of assets, including crypto assets and real-world assets like fiat, stocks, and commodities. It’s a huge and very promising product in the ecosystem. Stay tuned to learn more about it in the near future.

Sergey Shashev speaks to Korea's Blockchain Today<b> </b>

The Broxus team was in the spotlight this month! Firstly, Broxus founder Sergey Shashev gave an interview to Korean publication Blockchain Today, in which he talked about the features of the Everscale network and Broxus products, as well as revealing important details such as the network's goals, its advantages over other blockchains, Everscale's involvement in CBDCs, and much more. A translation of the interview into English can be found in the Everscale blog.

The Staked EVER Dashboard — all info about stEVER in one place

Secondly, Broxus introduced a new website for the stEVER (Staked EVER) program, where users can track the stEVER exchange rate, the number of stEVER holders, TVL, APY, transactions, and participating DePools within the program. The website also allows users to stake $EVER. Isn't that great?

New plugin for Locklift by Broxus

Additionally, the team continued to look after developers building on Everscale and introduced a new Locklift plugin that helps comfortably launch and test smart contracts. The new Locklift-Deploy plugin was added to Locklift, expanding the tool's functionality and simplifying the process of deploying and migrating smart contracts. This convenient solution will help developers save a lot of time and make the development process more comfortable.

Everscale Deep Tech

What’s more, a new section was launched on Everscale's social media called Everscale Deep Tech! Articles covering technical analytics on various topics will now be published every Wednesday. The first article compared Everscale, Cosmos, and Avalanche as the most scalable blockchains, and included animations that helped evaluate the full power and potential of Everscale and delve into the technical features of the blockchain.

The second article is dedicated to application-specific blockchains, providing an overview of three categories of blockchains with examples to help readers better understand the specifics of appchains.

DAO IPCI carbon certificates – migration of smart contracts from Ethereum to Everscale 

The heroes of the next exciting bit of news were the Robonomics team and DAO IPCI, who moved their Solidity smart contracts for carbon certificates from Ethereum to Everscale. This not only increased the security of operations but also reduced fees. In an interview, Vadim Manayenko, the head of the engineering department at Robonomics, noted the advantages of Everscale and gave feedback about working in the network.

Everscale x WalletConnect: work results

And that's not all. In tandem with the ITGOLD team, Everspace has completed work on proposal #92, which was put forward on the EverDAO platform. The result is an open-source solution similar to WalletConnect that aims to solve the problem of having to hold multiple wallets, as well as the development gap caused by the need for services to integrate with all the separate Everscale wallets.

And that's all for now. It has been a very productive month for Everscale, and we expect even more in May!

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