Partnership with Venom, Broxie NFT collection and more: News digest (March 2023)

Partnership with Venom, Broxie NFT collection and more: News digest (March 2023)

The beginning of the year for the Everscale ecosystem has been filled with many exciting events and milestones. Big partnerships, impressive collaborations, great product launches, new listings, and, of course, incredible community support! Let’s have a brief review.

Everscale won the vote and got a listing on Bybit

Also in March, another amazing event happened - the EVER coin was officially listed on the Bybit exchange, thanks to the incredible efforts of the Everscale contributors and its loyal community. 

Everscale accomplished the remarkable feat of winning Round 12 ByVotes with an unprecedented 41 million votes - a true testament to their passion and dedication. Supporters from all over the world came together to vote and show their love for Everscale and this achievement is a shining example of the strength of a cohesive community. The result of the winning was the listing of Everscale on Bybit in the trading pair.

Strategic partnership with Venom Ventures Fund

In addition, Everscale's hard work in different directions over the last two years has not gone unnoticed, resulting in one important strategic partnership in January - a partnership with Venom Ventures Fund. Venom Ventures Fund recognized the potential of Everscale and committed to investing $5 million to support their development and project expansion. 

Everscale's core developers are continuing their development and testing of the SMFT consensus and REMP, which are truly great innovations in the blockchain space. With this partnership, there will be more space to grow and implement new technologies. The full roadmap is almost ready and will be published in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Tokstock NFT marketplace launched on Everscale

In addition, Tokstock, a trading platform from Blockchain Family that makes purchasing NFTs on Everscale quick and convenient, was launched during this period. Soon after the launch, the most expensive NFT in Everscale history, the NFT from the Broxie Collection, was sold on this marketplace. The sale amounted to 300,000 EVER.

The Broxie NFT interview

Speaking of the Broxie NFT collection, the interview with the of creators has been published recently, you can learn more about Broxie – how the collection was created, what’s the idea behind it and why it’s only 1221 NFT total minted. 

The Everscale font

On top of that, a special section has appeared on dedicated to the Everscale font, a unique custom font that can be downloaded by all users and utilized for all ecosystem products. It's a special feature that adds to the overall Everscale uniqueness, showcasing its attention to detail and commitment to providing a seamless user experience.

Everscale and Ongroo partner up to create South Korean NFT marketplace

Ongroo Inc. and Everscale have joined forces to create a new NFT marketplace that will be fully compliant with South Korean regulations. They have already worked together on a blockchain art installation by Peti Triot called Zyrazy, which has been a great success, featuring over 10,000 unique messages in just 70 days.

With the new partnership, Ongroo Inc. will curate the front-end design of the marketplace with Korean artists, while Everscale's team of developers will handle the technological foundations. The new marketplace is expected to be unveiled in the first half of this year.

Get refunds for Octus Bridge transfer fees

Also don't forget that you can recover most of the fees paid for EVER2EVM and EVM2EVM transfers through Octus Bridge, a fast and convenient cross-chain transfer platform with a single interface. Although refunds are not automatically processed, you can claim them manually. So be sure to take advantage of this feature and save on fees for your transfers. Check out the instructions for transfer fee refunds.

More fun and rewards with Everscale

In addition, during this period there was one of the most generous and interesting competitions for the Everscale ecosystem community on the CREW³ platform with a whopping prize pool of $20,000 in EVERs. 

Winners have been announced and payouts have been distributed. But that's not all, as there are even more thrilling contests and events planned for the future, so be sure to follow Everscale's social media accounts to stay in the loop.

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