Boost your in-game economy with Everscale’s GameFi and Metaverse SDK

Boost your in-game economy with Everscale’s GameFi and Metaverse SDK

Blockchain and NFT usage in games is becoming more and more common; new metaverses are emerging every day, and this is going to be a very strong trend in tomorrow’s world Everscale is fully prepared for such a future, as its first GameFi releases are just around the corner.

GameFi is a pretty broad term, but generally it refers to games that incorporate NFTs or have any kind of token-based in-game economy, or both. It’s a logical step forward for the gaming industry, because people love games, and when they can combine this affection with the opportunity to make money, the result is thousands of new professional gamers.

Imagine an MMORPG where dwarfs mine iron and gold ores, selling them on town squares for in-game currency. They do it purely for fun, because they save money to buy more powerful axes and maces. But when they reach the maximum level and get the best equipment, there’s less motivation for them to carry on. They’re just stacking up virtual funds and resources, and sooner or later their interest could well fade. The in-game economy is a closed ecosystem that doesn’t allow them to do anything else. Some players might try to sell gold on external platforms that are full of scammers. Also, this is often prohibited by admins of game servers.

What if each resource and currency on the server was an NFT or a fungible token?

  • A player would be able to craft a weapon or piece of armor and sell it to anyone on the server or on an external trading platform.
  • Players would be able to farm in-game gold and sell it to any new players who don’t want to spend time farming low-level equipment.
  • It would be possible to move money and equipment between servers — or even between different games if they supported such a feature.
  • Even a character itself could be an NFT!
  • True ownership of game assets would guarantee that nobody could hack an account and steal a player’s equipment.

GameFi means that popular games could potentially become a source of income for dedicated players. Let’s go one step further and imagine that we could also tokenize land — and that the game itself held auctions for all land plots each month. The highest bidder would get the land and pay the previous owner. The landowner could set a tax for all deals that take place on their land, as could the owners of the server, which would help them to cover their maintenance costs. The more deals on the server, the higher the income, which would motivate server owners to promote their games and increase the player count.

Here comes the SDK!

The SDK we’re developing will help all kinds of game developers to tokenize all in-game assets and incorporate a blockchain-based economy, powered by Everscale, into players’ experience.

The SDK will include:

  • Personal wallets
  • In-game stores
  • Player stores
  • In–game P2P transactions
  • Building tokenization
  • Land tokenization
  • Marketplace open API
  • DAO tools
  • Insurance tools

That’s more than enough to build a successful blockchain-based game. GTA Online, Minecraft, Lineage II, even Counter-Strike — all of them can operate on Everscale, involving hundreds of thousands new users in the blockchain industry. Everscale is actually one of a very few blockchains that can handle such a high load without any trouble thanks to its scaling capabilities.

The pilot project, developed by the Broxus team, is Evercraft — a rendition of Minecraft that is going to support all of the features mentioned and will run on Everscale. You can read an article about it here. Evercraft is a prime way to showcase all the capabilities of Everscale and the GameFi and Metaverse SDK to 100+ million monthly active players. But this is just the beginning. We hope to attract more and more game developers by making our SDK an easy-to-integrate tool and actively promoting the Evercraft case. This will make Everscale one of the pioneers of the GameFi industry — moving beyond simple 2D play-to-earn games to more ambitious projects.

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