You can now swap old WEVER ERC-20 tokens for new ones

You can now swap old WEVER ERC-20 tokens for new ones

The recent suspicious activity involving wrapped EVER (WEVER) tokens has been met with an immediate response from us, the Everscale DeFi Alliance:

  • Transfers of WEVER via the Octus Bridge are temporarily suspended;
  • Transactions involving EVER and WEVER on major centralized exchanges have been paused pending the conclusion of our investigation;
  • A formal complaint has been lodged with the South Korean authorities;
  • A request has been issued to fully suspend all exchange accounts implicated in this crime.

Looking forward, we have crafted a plan to restore regular WEVER trading and proposed to the community that it be accepted at EVER DAO. The community expressed astonishing support of the proposal, for which we thank you.

As a result, we have started implementing the plan. One of the steps was to issue a new WEVER ERC-20 token and organize a process of exchanging the old token for the new one for community members who are not connected to the suspicious activity in any way and have clean WEVER ERC-20s.

The procedure has begun and will last until April 22, 2024. After passing the procedure and all AML checks, you will receive new WEVER ERC-20 tokens in exchange for your old ones.

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