Ever Surf: An Everscale wallet with the built-in blockchain browser

Ever Surf: An Everscale wallet with the built-in blockchain browser

Ever Surf is a multifunctional Everscale wallet application with in-built capacity to perform as a true blockchain browser. In Surf, you can store EVER tokens and stake them to receive passive income, as well as send tokens to friends, family, and anyone else you choose!

In addition, Ever Surf has a chat, works with NFTs and can run Everscale DApps using special interfaces — DeBots.

Advantages of Ever Surf

The main advantages and differences between Ever Surf and its analogues are:

  • access to blockchain dApps via DeBot interfaces directly in the app. Any blockchain app designed for different uses, from staking to gaming, can be connected via DeBot.
  • ability to store, receive, and send NFT tokens
  • ability to deploy a smart wallet for free, i.e. activate it
  • ability to use a security card designed to store private keys. This card allows you to confirm transactions without having to store the keys on the device.
  • purchase of EVER tokens using a bank card with fiat currency. In the future, there will be reverse exchange of EVER for fiat currency with currency crediting to the bank card.

Dive into more technical details for these functions here.

How to Download Ever Surf

Ever Surf is designed to work with Everscale native tokens — EVER.

Ever Surf can be downloaded as a mobile app for Android and iOSsmartphones, or you can use the web version using the links provided.

Then, just create your Everscale account, and you’re ready to ride the blockchain. If you prefer not to keep all your eggs in one basket, with Surf you can connect multiple accounts and switch between them at a click.

Ever Surf Home Page Functionality

After creating and activating an account in the Ever Surf application, you will be taken to its home page.

The three icons in the top row provide quick access to:

Scanning a QR code to send tokens to an address

Returning to the home page of the wallet

Account settings, where you can find, among other things, the seed phrasefor accessing funds, and information about the Security Card in the Safety protection section

Buttons below:

  • “Send” — to send tokens. Clicking on it opens the form. In the form, you need to specify the address of the recipient wallet and the amount to send. There is also space to write a comment, which is optional.
  • “Receive” — data for receiving tokens. Clicking on it shows the QR-code of your wallet and its address.
  • “…” — to buy tokens with a bank card by clicking “Buy” and swap tokens using the “Swap” icon (work in progress).

Lower, under “Activity” on the home page of the app are the most recent account transactions. Ever Surf gives users the ability to send tokens and a message to the recipient in the form of a comment. Clicking on any transaction will open a chat, and you can view all the transactions and messages with the user of this address.

Additional Application Functionality

At the bottom of the application, there is a bar to switch screens. You can switch to the required screen by clicking on its icon.

On the screen, you can view and navigate to:

  • “Accounts” — the wallet balance of this account in EVER tokens. If you have multiple accounts, they will all be listed here.
  • “Savings” — services for earning on staking.

If you choose “Boosted Staking”, you can earn more on long-term investment; “Everstaking” — Staking using a third-party service (DeBot), sending funds to the address of a DePool that you have chosen; “Surf Stakes”— staking using Surf DePools.

  • “Tokens” — the option to work with other Everscale tokens.
  • “Subscriptions” — the wallet addresses whose transactions you want to track. This service is based on the fact that any information about the actions of any account is publicly available. To open subscriptions, click on the “+” icon at the top of the screen.
  • NFT page. Here you can find NFT collections that are available for sale via Surf, as well as your own NFTs.
  • DeBots page, i.e. third-party applications in which you can work using Surf

Currently, you can’t connect to Everscale dApps such as the FlatQubeexchange and Octus Bridge with other blockchains etc. via Ever Surf. We hope that in the near future the developers will expand Surf’s functionality, and it will be possible to access these applications via DeBot interfaces.

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