Building Ever Name: An interview with Nikita Nikitinsky

Building Ever Name: An interview with Nikita Nikitinsky

Everscale is being constantly developed as a technology, gathering more and more developers who are building their products on top of the blockchain. One such product is EverName – a Web3 domain name system on Everscale.

Web3 domains are gaining popularity in the crypto world, as they provide a huge variety of advantages over Web2 domains, as well as improving the current UX in blockchain. In this interview, we will speak to the EverName product owner, Nikita Nikitinsky, who will share his insights into EverName’s potential and tell us more about the project’s latest development updates and plans for the near future. 

Who is the team behind the EverName domain system? 

Nikita Nikitinsky: The EverName core team is a development company called Blockchain Family. At Blockchain Family, we not only develop our own DeFi, GameFi, and Fintech products; we also contribute to Everscale by creating different tools to optimize the user experience.

What is EverName in a nutshell?

NN: EverName is a tool developed and launched for creating convenient domain names within the Everscale network. Each domain is a single NFT that the user can link to their wallet, as well as Web3 applications and websites – both centralized and decentralized. You can easily access, transfer, and sell domains directly from your browser.

What are EverName’s main features, and what can it offer to an average user? 

NN: With EverName, users are able to create, reserve, buy, participate in auctions for, or transfer .ever domains. It’s also possible to update domains, create subdomains, and change configs for each domain.

Users can link their domains to both centralized and decentralized websites, as well as store other information, like wallet addresses and services on other blockchains. It’s also possible to link any social media accounts, descriptions, avatars, and so on. 

What are the main advantages of EverName domains compared to traditional Web2 domains? 

NN: First of all, the main advantage is the Everscale tech and its potential for future development, including websites that will be fully decentralized, censorship-resistant, and fault tolerant. EverName offers a single domain name for all services – one domain for a website, wallet, dApp, messenger, etc. More services will be integrated with EverName, and the value of each domain will increase over time. 

What are EverName’s current integrations? 

NN: At the moment, EverName has been successfully integrated with a couple of key products in the Everscale ecosystem, which are EVER Wallet and the Qamon messenger.

We have also launched a new marketplace: Tokstock – a secondary market for domain names where you can sell, resell, and buy domains, as well as monitor auctions. 

What prices are .ever domains listed in? Are they set in USD or EVER? 

NN: All prices are set in EVER. Domains that are shorter than 12 characters are not available for immediate purchase but are auctioned off. Within seven days of purchase, other users can initiate the start of an auction by bidding for the domain. The user who offers the highest bid will become the owner of the domain after seven days. 

What are the average numbers for .ever domains? Has the Everscale community met this new ecosystem feature with enthusiasm? 

NN: We launched EverName domains not so long ago, and we didn’t have any strong marketing support. Despite this, more than 1,500 domains have been sold already or listed in auctions. The total amount of locked EVER is 300,000 EVER. All EVER tokens received as payment for .ever domains or for their renewal will be burned. The circulating supply of EVER will thus be decreased, and that will increase the overall value of the remaining EVER in circulation. We can say that EverName not only brings us closer to decentralized websites, but also has a positive impact for Everscale’s tokenomics as a whole. 

What are your future plans? And when will we see a decentralized website hosted on .ever domains? 

NN: We’re focusing on improving the UX and the functionality of the Tockstock marketplace. In addition to this, some features have been already delivered, such as creating subdomains, transfering domains, or selling domains on the marketplace. 

We’re also working on more integrations with products in the Everscale ecosystem. Integration with EVER Scan is expected to happen in the near future. 

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