FlatQube enabled more rewards from yield farming after a recent update

FlatQube enabled more rewards from yield farming after a recent update

FlatQube is the first DEX to have launched on Everscale. It is a decentralized AMM exchange using liquidity pools to offer users awesome features such as complete anonymity and automatic pricing with no possibility of price manipulation.

The Broxus team have recently implemented some tremendous updates to FlatQube, turning it into DAO and adding new boosted farming mechanics.

In this article, we’ll show you how to maximize your farming rewards and boost your liquidity to a whole new level!

Choose the farming pool

First, head over to https://app.flatqube.io/gauges

Choose the pool where you’d like to deposit liquidity and click on it to start farming.

Get LP tokens

To begin, we need to deposit LP tokens and start farming on FlatQube.

  • Click on the “Get LP Tokens” button.

If you’re using FlatQube for the first time, you need to connect your account and connect the pool to your wallet. And to do this, simply click on the buttons “Connect Account” and “Connect Pool”.

For any interactions with FlatQube you’ll need to sign the transaction and type your password.

Pro tip: click on the “Remember password”, and it will be remembered for a short time to make an interaction easier.

Next, deposit the chosen pair of tokens into the farming pool at a 50:50 ratio.

  • Enter the amount of liquidity you’d like to deposit.
  • Deposit the first token
  • Deposit the second token
  • And click on the “Supply” button.

Another pro tip: You can also enable auto exchange. In this case, the first token pair will be automatically exchanged for the second pair for the missing amount to compensate for the difference.

Deposit and boost your LP tokens

Go to the farming pool page and deposit your LP tokens.

The first way to maximize your rewards is to lock your LP tokens in the farming pool. It’s pretty straightforward — a longer locking period equals bigger rewards.

  • Click on the “Max” button to deposit all available liquidity.
  • Choose the locking period that suits you best, click the “Deposit” button and sign the transaction.

Boost with QUBE lock

Now, for the second way you can increase the farming rewards, you need to lock QUBE tokens — FlatQube’s DEX token. And, in case you were wondering, you can of course get QUBE tokens by swapping on FlatQube DEX.

  • Go to the DAO page on the FlatQube website.
  • Choose the appropriate locking period of QUBE for you, click on the “Deposit” button and sign the transaction.

After you’ve lock QUBE token — you’ll get veQUBE token.

veQUBE token increases the farming rewards rate and allows FlatQube users to participate in the DAO and choose the rate rewards for the corresponding farming pools.

How to calculate the boosted rewards?

And finally, Broxus has also released the Boost Calculator for FlatQubeusers. Using the calculator you can easily work out your boosted rewards by applying different values and locking periods.

However, take into account that the total APR in farming pools depends also on the total value locked in farming pools and FlatQube DAO votings.

That’s it, participate in the farming on FlatQube and boost your rewards!

If you still have any question, please watch our video guide or ask questions in the FlatQube Telegram chat.

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