A complete list of NFT marketplaces on Everscale

A complete list of NFT marketplaces on Everscale

While cryptocurrency and traditional markets have been showing signs of instability, the trend of NFT art and technology has been showing no such signs of losing traction. It may come as no surprise then, that Everscale, with it’s recording breaking performance speeds and low fees, has seen a flurry of emerging NFT market places come to the chain.

Here we briefly review and check out the main features of the currently available platforms:


Grandbazar launched in late summer 2021, and has been steadily growing in fanbase and popularity since. With active partnerships with popular NFT projects, the platform uses smart contracts to execute trades, meaning users remain in control of their assets at all times.

NiFi Club

NiFi Club is an NFT platform with a gallery of unique works of visual art made in digital-art style and is currently focusing on mechanics for provable endorsement of artworks. NiFi Club offers advanced functionality, an intuitive interface, and low service fees.

The marketplace allows gifted artists to publish their creative content and earn money from their work.


ThirdPlace NFT is a unique Everscale NFT project, a marketplace focused primarily on working with physical, real-world art objects. Contemporary art pieces combine with a digital copy of the piece and presented at ThirdPlace NFT gallery.

The platform sells ownership of a physical piece of art, and that ownership is “wrapped” in an NFT token. The non-fungible token in this case acts as a digital certificate of authenticity — a record on the Everscale blockchain proves the fact of ownership.


CHESSNFT is the first official NFT platform launched in collaboration with an international sports federation, FIDE. The platform has big plans digitization and gamification of multiple aspects of the game merged with NFT technology.


MostExpensive is a unique platform designed to trade hybrid NFT tokens. Hybrid NFTs are a unique concept in the blockchain market. Such tokens represent both a physical object and its digital version (NFT).

Only exclusive and unique NFTs, backed by real-world authentic valuable objects or artworks that are of interest to collectors and investors, are presented on the marketplace gallery.

In addition, all hybrid NFT tokens purchased on the marketplace can be used for staking, giving the owners of exclusive collectibles a stable passive income.


ScalePunks.com is an Everscale based marketplace that allows its users to own and trade the popular ScalePunks NFT collection. The authors of ScalePunks.com were inspired by the legendary CryptoPunks collection that launched the NFT era.

The platform features a secondary market as well as a new initiative for staking punks.

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