Qamon — private email service powered by Everscale
Nov 25, 2022 3 min read

The Internet has tread a great path up to now, from the first email sent to the shift to smartphones, as well as the crypto revolution and the transition to Web3. As the technology develops, people are becoming highly dependent on it in their day-to-day lives.

What’s more concerning is that people have gotten used to giving a lot of data and permission to big IT corporations, but endless amounts of data leaks and use of personal information for the corporations’ own benefit and improvement of ad services is leading to fundamental changes in society’s mindset.

Decentralized and encrypted email is already here!

Luckily, we are able to change that. Decentralized and encrypted email is already here!

Qamon is an encrypted, decentralized email service built on the Everscale blockchain. It provides an interface and email experience that is familiar to most users.

Qamon email messages are end-to-end encrypted. That means that no one but the recipient can read the content of sent messages. Each message is encrypted one-way for the end user, and no one else has the key to decrypt it except for the recipient.

A cipher is created on the sender’s device, and all messages enter the network already encrypted. Only the receiver can decrypt them.

That’s the beauty of cryptography: centralized servers and companies do not have access or any backdoors to content. Qamon’s main mission is to provide strong end-to-end encryption and confidential communication for everyone. It also has several advantages over the existing solutions on the market.

What advantages does Qamon provide?

Qamon is built on top of the Everscale network and has several advantages over the existing solutions on the market.

  • Cheap and fast (0.003 USD per message)
  • Full anonymity
  • End-to-end encryption, along with wallet-to-wallet communication
  • DeNS support
  • Friendly and intuitive UI
  • Decentralized and resilient against cyberattacks (due to being powered by Everscale)


We’re seeing massive growth in demand for private and secure communication. However, even solutions that promise high security and complete anonymity are still controlled by centralized companies, which could eventually lead to data leaks or hacks. Meanwhile, the Everscale tech stack provides a massive field for experimentation in this area, and Qamon is an excellent use case for utilizing the Everscale network. Qamon is a great communication tool for average users, as well as enterprises and businesses that appreciate the value of privacy and security.

You can try the Qamon app yourself — it’s pretty straightforward. Stay tuned to our updates, and see you next time!

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