Self-sovereign identity on Everscale. Secure, private, and interoperable identity solutions

Self-sovereign identity on Everscale. Secure, private, and interoperable identity solutions

Everscale’s developers are continuously building the network and key products, as well as developing new innovative products to launch in the near future and transition to the new web era. 

One such innovation is self-sovereign identity, or SSI. With SSI solutions in place, social interaction on internet platforms demonstrates a completely new approach to users’ privacy and security of personal data. This is great news for end-users as regards identity management in blockchain ecosystems, and in this article we’ll break down what SSI is and why it revolutionizes the internet space. SSI on Everscale is being built by Identix.Space in collaboration with Broxus. 

What is SSI? 

SSI gives individuals and businesses full control over their data, eliminating the need to trust centralized authorities, enabling secure and trusted interactions in the digital world, and giving individuals greater privacy and control over their sensitive information.

On Everscale, users will utilize their digital wallet app as a representation of passports or IDs and to store their credentials and personal information securely. When they need to access a service, they would use a unique, self-owned identifier called a decentralized identifier, or DID, to prove their identity. The service provider would verify their DID and grant access based on the information shared. 

Everscale users have full control over their credentials and personal data, which means they decide who can access their personal information, to what extent, and when. For example, if someone needs to prove their age to a third-party, they don't need to disclose all their information and personal details. Instead, they can simply share their date of birth to verify their age and identity.

EVER SSI – the self-sovereign identity framework for Everscale

The Ever SSI Framework offers a range of services designed to enhance the Web3 user experience and facilitate the creation of digital twins. The EVER SSI framework will offer its services for Everscale-based developments, such as:

1. Enablers for Web3 user agency, components of a digital twin:

    1.1 user state both in custodial and sovereign secure user data vaults ("wallets")

    1.2 user behavior in trusted code (smart contracts)

2. Decentralized identification framework and utility services, both off-chain and on-chain.

3. Decentralized authentication and authorization frameworks and services, including soulbound token facility as one of the possible representations.

4. Applied frameworks and identity-related user applications: KYC, reputation and attestation, etc.

Implementation of EVER SSI in Identix.Space

What are the key benefits of DID solutions and SSI?

Privacy: DID enables users to control their personal data and share it only with the third parties they choose, without the need for a central authority to manage their ID.

Security: SSI uses cryptography to ensure that only authorized parties can access and use personal data, making it more secure than traditional identity management systems.

Interoperability: DID solutions can be used across different platforms and systems, making it easier for users to manage their identities and access services.

Efficiency: SSI eliminates the need for intermediaries in identity verification processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Self-sovereign identity is a promising technology that allows individuals to control their own data. However, there’s still a fairly long journey ahead toward adoption in modern society. Development of the SSI framework for the Everscale blockchain ecosystem will undergo five key iterations, progressing from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for soulbound tokens (SBTs) to a full-fledged SSI framework suitable for central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and other government blockchain applications.

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