Ylide – an on-chain wallet-to-wallet communication protocol

Ylide – an on-chain wallet-to-wallet communication protocol

Ylide is an on-chain wallet-to-wallet communication protocol that is building a new cross-chain communication standard for Web3. In this article, we’d like to tell you about the Ylide design, its social hub, the recent partnership with Everscale, and the team’s plans for the future.

Ylide solves the problem of sending human-readable messages to digital wallet holders using only their blockchain address. 

Unlike in Web2, on-chain communication in Web3 makes it possible to attach tokens and NFTs to messages with arbitrary execution logic, and this is an area of exploration for new use cases. Other advantages of communication in Web3 include higher security, cross-functionality, and financial applicability. 

The team sees Everscale becoming one of the most advanced networks in terms of communication in the near future, when Everscale wallets will receive direct messages about proposals and be able to vote on them directly from the message content. That's why Everscale was the first network that the team integrated into its protocol and the one it made its first partnership agreements with.

Ylide design

Ylide consists of two parts: Ylide Protocol and Ylide Social Hub. Ylide Protocol allows for a variety of communication use cases to be created on top of it, such as a Web3 mailbox, content distribution, microblogging, support chats, marketing and ads with incentives, and more. 

Meanwhile, the social hub is a consumer product that includes a decentralized mailbox with all Ylide Protocol's features (cross-chain, 17 chains supported including Everscale and 16 EVM-chains, fully on-chain), a Web3 feed (news aggregator from traditional Web2 sources like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Mirror, and Medium) for consuming crypto content and following projects in one place, plus easy login via digital wallets like EVER Wallet, Metamask, and 100+ others, as well as decentralized domain services for easy chatting like Ever Name, ENS (Ethereum Name Services), and DeNS (to be added soon).

Ylide Social Hub currently includes a decentralized mailbox with all Ylide Protocol's features, a Web3 feed, and easy login via digital wallets and naming services. The team is also planning to add on-chain P2P and group chats with embedded financial transactions, a Ylide feed (where users will be able to write aggregator on-chain messages in different formats), a smart feed (to show users the most relevant news across different platforms based on the on-chain analytics of their wallets), and notifications (easily customizable alerts about on-chain events and transactions).

Future plans

Ylide Protocol plans to expand its list of supported networks for messaging and introduce a pay-per-attention feature. This feature allows users to set a fee for delivering a message to them, with non-whitelisted senders needing to pay to reach out. 

Ylide Social Hub is also building partnerships with other projects. For example, one of these involves a mobile wallet that integrates a mailbox for all user's communications, while another is a gaming platform for developers where recruiters can reach potential hires through Ylide Protocol.

On top of that, the Ylide team is actively working on entering into strategic partnerships; for example, the recent Qamon partnership will help both projects to provide better leverage to expand on new markets and make more integrations with major projects in the Asian region, particularly wallets. This will help deliver decentralized messaging and social media to a wider audience, as users will be able to chat and receive messages within their wallet apps. Qamon processes messages through Ylide Protocol, meaning that users of Ylide Social Hub will be able to seamlessly communicate with users of Qamon and other products to be built based on Ylide Protocol.

Another great integration is the Venom blockchain. It is already possible to send and receive messages via Ylide Social Hub, as it is already live on the Venom testnet and will be launched on the mainnet in the near future. Ylide will be the first wallet-to-wallet communication protocol on the Venom blockchain. 


Bear markets are the best time for developers, so right now Ylide Social Hub is in the beta stage and the project’s team is fully focused on improving the user experience, iterating the product hypothesis, and getting the platform integrated into existing products on the market. The team is also looking forward to getting feedback from the Everscale community, so follow Ylide’s social media and stay tuned to updates!

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