How to get stEVER using EVER Wallet: Step-by-step guide

How to get stEVER using EVER Wallet: Step-by-step guide

The Everscale ecosystem is standing firmly on its feet, and in recent times we’ve been seeing more features added along with the basic functionality, which has proven to be stable and robust.

Broxus has released the EVER Wallet v2 extension for Chrome, and if you already have EVER Wallet installed in your browser, it’s been updated automatically. You can download EVER Wallet using this link.

How to stake EVER and get stEVER?

First of all, as we already mentioned in the stEVER liquid staking article, EVER Wallet now has a stake button. Please check out the article if you want to know more about stEVER utility.

In order to stake your EVER tokens and receive liquid stEVER tokens, simply click on the “Stake” button in the EVER Wallet extension.

Open the EVER Wallet browser extension and click on the “Stake” button.

Enter the amount you’d like to stake in the dropdown menu, and click on the “Stake” button.

You can also check the Current APY in EVER tokens you’re signing up for the duration of liquid staking. Basically, when you unstake stEVER tokens and redeem EVER tokens, you’ll receive staking rewards with your initial stake of EVER minus the DePool fee.

Enter the password and confirm the transaction.

And it’s all good. In just a moment you’ll see stEVER tokens in your wallet. However, you might need to select stEVER tokens to display in your wallet.

Click on “Select assets” in the wallet menu, and choose stEVER tokens to display.

Click on the stEVER slider, and then the “Save” button.

After that, you’ll be able to see the stEVER balance in your wallet. Using the same process, you can enable the display of all tokens in the Everscale ecosystem or hide tokens that you don’t need to be shown.

How to unstake stEVER and redeem EVER tokens?

The process here is just as straightforward as the one for staking.

Open the EVER Wallet Chrome extension and click on the “Stake” button.

Go to the “Unstake” section. Choose the amount you’d like to unstake and click on the “Unstake” button. Confirm the transaction with your password.

After that, you’ll be able to see your pending EVER rewards for unstaking. Your EVER stake will be withdrawn from staking within 36 hours, once the staking round is complete.

That’s basically it! We’re super excited for the launch of liquid staking, and we expect more use cases and utility for stEVER tokens in the near future. It will definitely unleash the full potential of EVER in Ever DAO governance and Everscale DeFi.

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