How to use Ever Wallet: All features walkthrough

How to use Ever Wallet: All features walkthrough

Ever Wallet is one of the most popular choices for interacting with products such as DeFi protocols and NFT platforms on the Everscale blockchain. Developed by the Broxus team, the browser-extension wallet has recently seen a flurry of improvements, making it easier and more user-friendly than EVER before!

The mobile version of the wallet is available on Android and iOS devices and the web version of Ever Wallet can be downloaded from the Google Chrome extensions store.

Features and Uses

With the Ever Wallet app, you can send, receive, store and exchange digital assets on the Everscale blockchain. The Wallet provides you with a simple and secure way to interact with decentralized applications based on the Everscale network.

Ever Wallet users can connect and fully work with the following services:

Getting Started

After downloading and installing the Ever Wallet app, let’s first log in to an existing wallet account.

  1. In the upper right corner of the browser, click on the Ever Wallet logo.
  2. The application installation window will pop up. We agree with the decentralization policy and click “Sign in with seed phrase”.

3. Then select the type of wallet to restore and click “Next”.

4. Enter your secret seed phrase and password.

5. Finally, select the wallet logo in the upper right corner of the screen again. And voila… We see the Ever Wallet we created earlier. The main window of the Ever Wallet app will look as follows.

Your balance is displayed on the main screen and you can view the most recent transactions directly from within the application window.

Creating an additional account

Another great feature of EVER Wallet is that it allows you to connect more than one account to your wallet.

To do this, use the virtual arrow to go to the additional wallet window and click “Add account”.

Now we can add a new account or additionally connect an existing account to the wallet.

Thus, Ever Wallet users are able to work with different wallet accounts and quickly switch between them.

Digital Asset Management

What tokens does Ever Wallet support?

The Ever Wallet currently works with the following tokens: wEVER (wrapped EVER), WETH (wrapped ETH), USDT, USDC, DAI, WBTC.

Soon, Ever Wallet developers plan to add support for a huge number of of digital coins, as well as support for NFT-tokens inside the wallet’s functionality.

At the moment, only EVER coin storage is displayed in the wallet.

To enable the display of other tokens, click the “Select Assets” button on the main application screen.

In the window that opens, set the switch for the required token (in our case, USDT coin) to the active position. Click “Save”.

The Ever Wallet now displays both EVER tokens and USDT tokens.

How to recieve tokens with your EVER wallet

To see your EVER wallet address this, click “Receive” on the home page of the app and either scan the QR code or click “Copy address”.

Simply give this address to whoever is sending you tokens (or paste into the appropriate exchange withdrawal field), and you’re away.

How to send digital assets

  1. Click “Send” on the main page of the wallet.
  2. In the window that opens, fill in all the lines of interest: currency, amount, recipient’s address and, if necessary, comments. Click “Send” again.

The information field that opens contains the data we entered and the amount of payment for gas. Check this information and, if everything is correct, enter your wallet password and click “Confirm Transaction”.

The transaction only lasts a few seconds. On the wallet’s balance, we can see the withdrawal of tokens.

Congratulations! Now you can fully use Everscale, interact with the DApps, send, receive and store ecosystem tokens.

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