How Evercraft builds Minecraft on the Everscale blockchain

How Evercraft builds Minecraft on the Everscale blockchain

Minecraft is an outstandingly successful game, with more than 126 million active users in 2021, 600 million copies sold, and over 200,000 daily players. All these solid numbers made us wonder — what if we merge Minecraft and the Everscale blockchain? The result is the Evercraft game pilot — the first showcase of the future GameFi and Metaverse SDK.

What’s the point of using a blockchain for games? We have already covered this in the GameFi SDK article, but it’s worth repeating: it unlocks more opportunities for dedicated players. Players will be able to monetize their gaming time by participating in the in-game economy, which gets connected to DeFi economy via the Everscale blockchain. What if a newcomer needs a lot of blackstones or bricks for crafting, but doesn’t want to spend time on farming? They can buy these much-needed resources from other players. The rarest and most valuable resources will be priced a lot higher; it will essentially be buying other players’ time. This will be a huge leap forward for the whole gaming industry. The only crucial thing for success here is the popularity of the game — to have a sustainable in-game economy with both supply and, more importantly, demand, it has to be a popular title.

In Evercraft, every game asset will become a separate NFT. That means it will be possible to trade resources between players and buy them in the in-game shop, trade them on special marketplaces, and move resources between different servers with ease. Of course, all payment options will be based on the EVER token.

But there’s much more to Evercraft. All land on the Evercraft server will be tokenized. Brands and businesses will be able to buy land to establish virtual offices and have NFT exhibitions there. Regular players will also have the opportunity to do the same — everyone has the same rights on the game server. Every active server will be able to establish its own DAO for players to vote on important aspects of server management.

Another essential aspect is the competitive side of gaming. Players will be able to form pro teams and clans, as well as participate in tournaments, events and various challenges, including PVP duels, to climb higher in rank on the leaderboard.

Here are some additional things that are planned for Evercraft:

  1. Decentralized identity integration
  2. Cross-server play
  3. Cross-server asset transfers
  4. Conversion back and forth of in-game paintings and sculptures to NFTs
  5. NFT auctions
  6. FlatQube integration
  7. Services for businesses

All this makes Evercraft an ideal case for showing all the capabilities of our powerful GameFi and Metaverse SDK. Some of the features mentioned are still being developed and may change somewhat. All the main features, including tokenized assets, will be available at launch, and the game will be constantly updated in line with the roadmap. As for the launch time, we’ll announce that later.

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